Bullet Journal!

After watching many bullet journal videos on YouTube and seeing other students at my school use one, I decided to invest in a durable bullet journal for my writing. It’s a Nordic Blue A4 Leuchtterm1917, and it has squared pages. I almost wanted to get the pointed pages, however, I cross things off in my to-do lists with coloring in squares, so I figured it would make more sense to use the squared pages. I’ll be using it for my general writing ideas, planning submissions, tracking wordcounts, and jotting down research/writing tips that I can quickly flip to when writing. I have a Tumblr with a compiled list of different posts concerning different topics, but usually when I’m writing I don’t want to have to pull up a website and jump out of the flow I get in.


Why now get a bullet journal? I’ve been keeping a mock trial bullet journal that’s a pocket sized, ring-bound journal I got for like $3 from an Urban Outfitters sale bin and using it for my personal bullet journaling. When I’m in school, I used it to write out my homework and keep track of my dietary needs, just so I can more consciously remember to not get so enveloped by my work and forget to eat and drink. I also have used it to keep track of expenses, considering I’m using my own money for buying groceries and school supplies. This “experiment” has been going fairly well, even into the summer.

As you know, I’m challenging myself to do what I’m calling the King Challenge, and I wanted to be able to track my progress with finishing my own book in the month of July. I wanted to visually be able to represent my progress, along with keep track of different submission dates for literary magazines and publications. When I get back to school, this will be especially helpful in separating my writing plans from my school plans. I tried to combine them all onto the same weekly spread, but it was getting jumbled and confusing.

I always have two of my previous writing-oriented journals with me, and it can get annoying trying to flip back and forth between the two to try to find whatever information I’m looking for. The more I’m looking through them (to transfer the important plans to my bullet journal) the more I realize how many random notes I have written in them. I’ve got class schedules planned for when course selection happens, I’ve got backup class schedules planned out, backup backup schedules planned out, all the course codes written again for ease of reading, along with other notes from occasional classes and field trips in there. While those are all great to have, I don’t need to have them for my important writing notes. In fact, those are more things to include in my personal bullet journal that I didn’t have back then.

My trial bullet journal has been going well, and I haven’t filled it quite yet, but I know by the end of the summer I will have. I have a journal I got at a gift shop that has inspirational scenic quotes spread throughout, and I’ll be using that for my next personal bullet journal. It’s about the same size as my writing bullet journal, and it has ruled pages inside. I don’t need anything fancy for my day to day scribbles and tracking. While I’m not entirely a fan of the beach, I love the idea of it and the aesthetic. It makes no sense, I’m aware, but I don’t think I mind it.

Tomorrow, I have two more bullet journals arriving! They will be for two of my main series of books I’m plotting out. I figured because each of these series has multiple books to be planned, along with large casts of characters, and also lots of research, it would be helpful to have specific places to look up information for them. When I have those set up, I’ll write a post about them as well.

Here’s some of my favorite spreads within it so far!