Late 2017 Movies I Want to See

When I go outside for leisure, it’s usually to one of two places: my favorite café on Broughton, or to the movies. Granted, there’s no good mainstream movie theaters in or around Savannah, but the various other places I’m at during the year have suitable ones to my standards. (After working at a movie theater for three years, I may be a bit of a theater snob, or maybe Savannah just has awfully attended mainstream theaters.) From this list I’m sure you can guess what my favorite genre is.

Happy Death Day

Blumhouse Productions tends to produce some of my favorite horror movies, so usually I feel as though I can usually trust whatever they produce to be good. I’m frankly surprised this concept of reliving your death until finding out who killed you hasn’t been explored in this way before. Kinda like Groundhog Day mixed with that one episode of Supernatural. Even 5 years later I am haunted by the song Heat of the Moment.

It seems as though I can never erase my Supernatural phase no matter how hard I try.

Tragedy Girls

Usually when people try to tap into the millennial social media craze I cringe, and I highly expect to at some point when I see this movie. The two main characters look reminiscent of Disney’s Descendants rejects (come on, who wears a purple chunk streak in a mid-western town?). Nonetheless, the concept still interests me despite my initial reserves. One of the few things that keeps me wanting to watch it is the callout to the Heathers inspiration. That’s one of my favorite musicals, so I have some hope for it.

Thor Ragnarok

Apparently I haven’t even seen Thor: The Dark World, and I’m not entirely sure how I missed that because Thor is tied for my favorite Avenger, but I want to catch up to pace so I can see the next installment. From some of the clips that I’ve seen, it manages to keep the humor of the series and still all the meaty action scenes. Who can ever get enough of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston? Even though in this clip once Loki gets up he’s on the wrong side of the screen. Maybe some godly teleportation was used?

My Friend Dahmer

I’ve heard of the graphic novel that this was created from, and it’s beyond interesting to me. I’ve been on the lookout for this movie for awhile, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been widely spoken about. Perhaps the only reason I know about this is through my research for my own stories, but still I feel like it would provide insight to the question that we secretly think but push away in the safety of our lives: how do serial killers come to be?


So going from one extreme to another, I was originally unsure if I wanted to see this movie. Considering how much I loved The Book of Life and how this looked to be an incredibly similar concept (if not ripped off) but after the initial reviews, and a couple of my friends’ encouragements (I mean, one of them interned on it) I’m convinced I want to see it. After rewatching the trailer, that dog will singlehandedly haunt me more than anything else on this list, but I love that its name is Dante. Like, Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy which has to do with the afterlife. Or at least, that’s how I read the connection.

Seriously how is this thing cute? It looks like it’s decaying.

Shape of Water

Back to everything freaky and obscure, I nearly screamed when I couldn’t get tickets to the premiere at Savannah Film Fest. I’ve been following the press for this movie for almost the entire year, and so now I must wait until it hits a mainstream theater. I’m all for weird monster love stories. I’m also happy that there’s representation of a character who uses sign language, which personally doesn’t apply to me but I’m sure there are people who do use sign language that would probably be happy?

The plot very closely resembles the book Mrs. Caliban by Rachel Ingalls about a woman who has an affair with a similarly aquatic man-like creature that has escaped a team of scientists. So is this another case of idea stealing? Or unaccredited inspiration? Either way, I’m going to definitely see this one.

Overall, I look forward to watching the movies that are closing out this year.