2017 Resolutions Results

2017 was the first year I gave myself solid goals that I didn’t forget after the end of the week. I uploaded them to my YouTube channel and let them free into the world. I realized later on I felt a little awkward about letting one of my more personal goals out and decided that I wouldn’t cover it. So here they are:

The road trip must’ve been the one on Spring break, because that was the only road trip I took last year. It was fun jamming in the car with my best friend, and the hours faded away from my memory until we began to get down to the last one where we critiqued Florida’s naming system of towns and looked at all the farms in the middle of generally nowhere that we felt could be a horror story of some sort. I originally had plans to go to the beach in the summer, but those fell through.

I finished all of the books I had been working on last year. The first two I finished last January by adding over 61,000 words in a few weeks alone during my free time from my classes. In July, I focused on completing my third novel for the year and did so as a part of the King Challenge I invented. Over my Winter break in December, I managed to slay the second draft of it. I wanted to surpass my goal by completing a first draft for a novel in NaNoWriMo, however, that didn’t happen.

The final goal I had was to post more frequently on social media. While none of my YouTubing was consistent, I managed to upload 11 videos, which is more than I ever had produced in a year before. I consider that a small victory. I also active on Twitter at the expense of my Tumblr. I haven’t been drawing much serious work, so my art blog isn’t very active but I recognize that that’s okay. Now that my major’s changed and I’m on a different life path, I don’t expect to be drawing as much and certainly not many serious works.

Overall, 2017 was a success. Even if I hadn’t achieved my goals, I worked towards them. I had never even set goals before then, so any attempt at achieving them even halfway I would’ve considered a victory. I definitely didn’t expect to finish two books I had been slaving at for years in the first month. The deadline of a year and the energy of starting a new one inspired me. Before, I would excuse how long it took me to write because of my time at school. After, I recognize that it’s all up to myself to make time to do the things I love, so long as I’m staying healthy while doing so.

Look out next week for my post on my goals for 2018! I had trouble trying to find out how to challenge myself after last year (I never had imagined I could finish even three books in one year) but I think I’ve found a good set of goals.