meIn second grade I was the second smallest kid in class. The actual smallest kid in class spilled water all over my colorful pen written notecards. Like any rational second grader, I punched him in the face. Looking back, I can hail this as the first moment that showed my devotion to my writing. It was also the first moment I realized that I would enjoy Karate. And that I should use those words I love to deal with problems. Sorry, little dude from the past.

Hi; I’m Noelle Marasheski-Pierce, and I’m a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My passion is storytelling in its multiple forms. I’m currently working towards a Dramatic Writing BFA and a minor in Animation. On my blog, you can see what I have to say about things, and on my social media, you can see me being social. Or at least, attempting to be social.

My work so far has been featured in SCAD Artemis 2018-2019 with the piece “3 O’Clock Bloom.”